Nearly all gases and liquids can be dried with activated alumina. Its high surface area (350m²/g) makes it an effective adsorbent in such gases as Acetylene, Oxygen, Methane and Oxygen along with fluids such as Benzene, Freon, Hydraulic Oils, Kerosene, transformer and vegetable oils. Activated alumina will remove corrosive acids thus protecting valuable equipment.

Activated alumina is widely used for pressure swing and heatless dryer systems to produce a continuous supply of dry air with a water vapor dew point lower than -70°C.


1kg Activated Alu. in PE bag (3.2mm) 12 mo. shelf life
DryTrade: AGD222A
Other: BLD11456

Activated Alu. 3.2mm  (1/8)
DryTrade: AGD223C
Other: BLD5420/09ADG

Activated Alu. 7X14 Mesh 1.5-3.0 mm (160kg)
DryTrade: AGD242C
Other: BLD10822

Activated Alu. 2.0-5.0 mm (160kg)
DryTrade: AGD243E
Other: BLD12834

Acivated Alu. 4.0-8.0 mm (160kg)
DryTrade: AGD244G
Other: BLD12835