NEPS is an abbreviation for Nitrogen Enhanced Purging System. It can purge optical, electronic, laser, electro optic systems and humidity sensitive devices.

List of NEPS products

Ballast Chamber used w. Series 7 & 16 (Module 9)
DryTrade: NEP222A
Other: BLE1010/05

Flexible Reservoir (Module 6)
DryTrade: NEP223C
NATO NSN: 6515-99-636-8900
Other: BLE1000/0082

Gas Polishing Filter
Other: NEP224E
Brownell: BLE1000/46

In-Line Particulate Filter
DryTrade: NEP225G
Other: BLE1085/10

Moisture Trap
DryTrade: NEP226J
Other: BLE1100/52

NEPS 1000 100-240V Hire
DryTrade: NEP227M
Other: N240HIRE

NEPS 1000 Advantage Pumped Dual Voltage
DryTrade: NEP228P
NATO NSN: 6685-99-277-2419
Other: BLE1100/90 (NPDV)

NEPS 1000 Pumped 240V Hire
DryTrade: NEP229R
Other: NP240HIRE

NEPS 1900 Advantage 19Inch Rack Mounted
DryTrade: NEP232B
Other: N1900

Software Upgrade  –  NEPS 1000 Advantage w. 2.9 PSI setting
DryTrade: NEP233D
Other: N240TR

Stauble Fitting w. Additional 8mm Connector
DryTrade: NEP234F
Other: BLE1100/0529

T Piece (Set of 3) Module 8
DryTrade: NEP235H
Other: BLE1000/0084

Pump NEPS to Gas Adaptor Set
DryTrade: NEP236K
Other: BLE1100/288

NEPS refill 1kg Mol Sieve 13x4x8
DryTrade: NEP322C
NATO NSN: 4440-99-225-1713
Other: BLE1010/0245

Power lead NEPS (Europe)
DryTrade: NEP323E
NATO NSN: 6150-99-052-0861
Other: BLE1085/105

Flow regulator
DryTrade: NEP324G
Other: BLE1100/0147

STAUBLI Gas inlet connector
DryTrade: NEP325J
Other: BLE1100/0150

Dewpoint sensor (New)
DryTrade: NEP326M
Other: BLE1100/0155

HERSHAMAN sensor connectors
DryTrade: NEP327P
Other: BLE1100/0185

Leak test plug
DryTrade: NEP328R
Other: BLE1100/0513

Inter connecting tube (3 x 2 Meters)
DryTrade: NEP329B
NATO NSN: 4720-99-679-8848
Other: BLE1100/55

Replace dewpoint sensor (original sensor must be returned)
DryTrade: NEP332D
NATO NSN: 6625-99-153-4979
Other: BLE1100/56

Sub assembly – gas inline
DryTrade: NEP333F
Other: BLE1100/68

Gas out hose and connector
DryTrade: NEP334H
NATO NSN: 4720-99-562-7379
Other: BLE1100/69

Exhaust line w. flow regulator
DryTrade: NEP335K
Other: BLE1100/702

Purge Valve Adp. for BLD9243 & BLD10962
DryTrade: NEP336N
Other: BLE1100/0491

NEPS Adaptor M10 (M10Adp)
DryTrade: NEP337Q

NEPS Adaptor M14 (M14Adp)
DryTrade: NEP338S

NEPS Adaptor 2BA (2BAAdp)
DryTrade: NEP339C

NEPS 1000 Advantage 230V
DryTrade: NEP552K
NATO NSN: 4440-99-551-4115
Other: N240

NEPS 1000 Pumped 110V
DryTrade: NEP553N
NATO NSN: 4440-99-404-2677
Other: NP110

NEPS 1000 Pumped 24V
DryTrade: NEP554Q
NATO NSN: 6625-99-821-5023
Other: NP24

NEPS 1000 Advantage pumped version (240VOLT)
DryTrade: NEP555S
NATO NSN: 4440-99-912-6628
Other: NP240

Exhaust Blanking Plug
DryTrade: NEP556U
NATO NSN: 4730-99-216-0241
Other: BLE1100/0494

Desiccant Check Hose
DryTrade: NEP557E
NATO NSN: 4720-99-460-3252
Other: BLE1100/123

Desiccant Lead Yellow Plug
DryTrade: NEP558G
NATO NSN: 4720-99-333-1673
Other: BLE1100/0349

Desiccant Lead Black Plug
DryTrade: NEP559J
NATO NSN: 4720-99-448-0561
Other: BLE1100/0348

24V DC Lead
DryTrade: NEP562M
NATO NSN: 6150-99-296-3886
Other: BLE1100/83

UK Mains Power Lead (220-240v AC)
DryTrade: NEP563P
NATO NSN: 6150-99-979-4390
Other: BLE1100/0161

KIT – Data Plugs
DryTrade: NEP564R
NATO NSN: 6150-99-814-0371
Other: BLE1100/0515

110v AC Lead USA
DryTrade: NEP565T
NATO NSN: 6150-99-083-7068
Other: BLE1085/106

4 Way Mainfold
DryTrade: NEP566V
NATO NSN: 4730-99-551-8010
Other: BLE1100/117

Dewpoint Function Checker
DryTrade: NEP567F
NATO NSN: 6685-99-250-3507
Other: BLE1100/53

Desiccant Refill indicating Mol Sieve for BLE1100/53
DryTrade: NEP568H
NATO NSN: 6850-99-155-7789
Other: BLE1100/0211

Ballast Chamber 1 litre
DryTrade: NEP569K
NATO NSN: 4440-99-273-0606
Other: BLE1100/129

Gas Polishing Filter
DryTrade: NEP572N
NATO NSN: 4330-99-152-7068
Other: BLE1100/110

Adaptor M3
DryTrade: NEP574S
NATO NSN: 4730-99-993-1562
Other: BLE1100/226

Adaptor M4
DryTrade: NEP575U
NATO NSN: 4730-99-498-9876
Other: BLE1100/182

Adaptor M5
DryTrade: NEP576X
NATO NSN: 4730-99-968-8531
Other: BLE1100/165

Adaptor M6
DryTrade: NEP577G
NATO NSN: 4730-99-397-4809
Other: BLE1100/183

Adaptor M20
DryTrade: NEP578J
NATO NSN: 4730-99-474-8822
Other: BLE1100/173