There are many types of desiccants. Liquids like acetone and alcohols are dehydrating agents that can pull water vapor from the air. Solid salts like NaCl can also pull water vapor from air. Desiccants like these are chemically reactive and therefore unsuitable for many applications.

We offer natural silica gel and clay minerals, that can be in direct contact with goods and not be harmful.

  • Clay: A natural, safe all-rounder, suitable for standard applications in all areas of industry. See link
  • Silica gel: Commonly found in small packaging used in industry, pharmaceutics, diagnostics and the food sector due to its high adsorption capacity
  • Orange gel: Silica gel with a color indicator from orange to white – safer and more efficient due to the ability to check saturation visually
  • Molecular sieve: Suitable for pharmaceutics and diagnostics, as well as special technical applications (various types: 3Å, 4Å, 5Å, 10Å / 13X)